Holy Trinity Lutheran Church   Out of a broken and divided world, all people are welcomed into the Body of Christ at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

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Church Officers

  • The Rev. Grace Gravelle, Senior Pastor
  • The Rev. Jennifer Manis, Campus Pastor
  • The Rev. John Pearson, Visitation Pastor
  • Grace French, Faith Formation Director
  • Geoffrey Simon, Director of Music Ministry/Organist
  • Susan Lohr, Alternative Worship Music Director/Accompanist
  • Geoff Finken, Office Manager
  • Ingrid Dunstan, Communications Manager
  • John Price, Congregation President
  • Kristina Hille, Congregation Vice President
  • Lorraine Johnson, Congregation Secretary
  • Krystin Jorgenson, Treasurer
  • Linda Swanson, Assistant Treasurer
  • Rick Carnagua, Accounting Assistant
  • Barbie Windom, Financial Secretary

2020 Congregation Council Members

  • Amanda Bailey
  • Sharon Benton
  • Patti Brideson
  • Al Gardner
  • Eric Hardin
  • Nora Hicks
  • Kristina Hille
  • Dee Loesch
  • Evan Lohr
  • Lorraine Johnson
  • Laura Potter
  • John Price

Committee and Team Chairpersons

  • Kenneth Marks, Archivist & Archives and History
  • Lorraine Johnson, Campus Ministry Committee Chair
  • Bill Jordan, Capital Campaign Support Team Chair
  • Susan Lohr, Columbarium Committee Chair
  • Kevin Potter, Congregational Retreat Chair
  • Mike Kelly, Disaster Committee Chair
  • Nicholas Rhyne, Endowment Fund (Holy Trinity) Chair
  • Jay Johnson, Endowment Fund (Townsend, Lohr, and LCM) Chair
  • Larry Hilbert, Facilities Oversight
  • Jay Johnson, Finance Committee Chair
  • Sue Woodling, Global Outreach Chair
  • Gary Blank and Betty Morgan, Hospitality Committee Co-chairs
  • Derr Leonhardt, Mutual Ministry Chair
  • Sue Woodling, Peace and Justice Chair
  • John Price, Personnel Chair
  • Larry Hilbert, Property Committee Interim Chair
  • Martha Stallmann, Reconciling in Christ Chair
  • Bill Coley, Senior Adults Chair
  • Margaret Jordan, Sisters in Service Quilters Contact
  • Sandra Paur, Social Ministry Chair
  • Eric Hardin, Stewardship Chair
  • John Franke, Thanksgiving & Memorial Gifts Chair
  • Kathy Pearson, Women of ELCA President
  • Brinkley Sugg, Worship & Music Chair
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Who We Are
What We Believe
Church Staff
Church Leadership
Church Facilities
In Remembrance
Church History

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