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“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.” 1 Peter 4:10

Jesus calls us to remember that every person has a gift, and we are the committee that encourages our members to unleash those gifts, and 'give for God.'

Stewardship Blog

For more thoughts on stewardship, visit the HTELC Stewardship Blog.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please click this link for adults to fill out the online form to indicate your gifts and talents (use this link for children and youth. (Your responses will be submitted privately to the church.)

To learn about the different volunteer activities, read the descriptions below.

Activity Categories:

Archives and History

Archives and History Committee

Description: The function of this committee is to preserve the history of Holy Trinity by collecting archival materials, identifying and labeling materials, providing safe storage and methods of preservation, developing policies to protect the archives, and planning for the archives to be a meaningful, useful, and growing part of the congregation.

Expectations: Organize and file historical documents; continually collect, identify, and organize material and file current minutes, bulletins, newsletters, etc.; produce history summaries, photos, etc. for church presentations and other services; collect and record oral histories from Holy Trinity members. Committee members may sign up to help develop themes and material for the archives display case, to help maintain files, to be research assistants, conduct interviews according to a prescribed format, or to do data entry (word processor).

Number needed: 8-12
Timeframe: Work days are scheduled on a Monday morning each month. For further information, please contact the archivist, records manager.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Committee

Description: The committee advises and collaborates with the Campus Minister to ensure the vitality of Lutheran Campus Ministry-Raleigh (LCM-Raleigh). LCM-Raleigh is an outreach ministry of Holy Trinity. Its primary focus is to provide students at colleges and universities in the Raleigh area with a safe space to grapple with what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in a higher-education context. Worship, service, fun and faith-formation shape our community.

LCM-Raleigh is also open to faculty and staff members. We are exploring ways to be more supportive of those who work in higher education in our community.

The committee serves as the Advisory Board of LCM-Raleigh, and connects us to the Campus Ministry team of the congregational and synodical mission unit of the ELCA. In this way, we maintain our connection to the ELCA national campus ministry movement.

Expectations: Attend 6-8 meetings per year; intentionally welcome students, faculty and staff at Sunday worship and other Holy Trinity events; contribute to and help prepare and serve two student banquets; and perform other tasks to support LCM-Raleigh as needed. For example, LCM-Raleigh needs one recycler (one time per week for only a few minutes) and a volunteer to launder kitchen linens as needed.

Number needed: 6-10
Timeframe: 6-8 meetings per year

Laundry Helper
(Campus Ministry)

Description: Help launder kitchen linens for LCM-Raleigh.

Timeframe: As needed

Prepare/Serve Meals to College Students
(Campus Ministry)

Description: Provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere and cuisine for the students of LCM-Raleigh. Meal gatherings and fellowship encourage the students to remember that they are not just Social Security numbers, but children of a loving Lord.

Expectations: Prepare and serve one meal per year to approximately 30 students on a Wednesday at 6:15 p.m. during the academic year. You provide the food and hospitality—the students will handle the clean-up. Eat dinner with the students and get to know them better.

Number needed: 1-4 cooks per meal
Timeframe: Once a year

(Campus Ministry)

Description: Gather recycling for LCM-Raleigh.

Timeframe: Once per week, for only a few minutes.

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Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministry Committee

Description: Plan opportunities for the children of the congregation (birth through 5th grade) for fellowship, faith formation, and service.

Expectations: Assist the leadership with preparation for Children's Ministry programs, events, and activities.

Number needed: 6+
Timeframe: Monthly meetings, typically 1 - 1 1/2 hour of the first Wednesday evening of each month. Some meetings will be held via email correspondence.

Special Events – Children
(Children's Ministry)

Description: Provide special opportunities for the children of the congregation for fellowship, learning, and service. Five to eight special activities are scheduled each year.

Expectations: Assist with the leadership and/or preparation for such an event, including meal preparation, story-telling, music leadership, crafts, and other activities.

Number needed: 3-4 per event
Timeframe: Couple of hours for each event

Nursery Worker Coordinator
(Children's Ministry)

Description: Secure nursery workers for both Sunday worship services and special services, purchase cleaning supplies and snacks, wipe down nursery equipment each week, report any maintenance or heavy cleaning needs to church staff.

Expectations: Oversee nursery volunteers and staff.

Number needed: 1-2
Timeframe: One-year commitment

Nursery Volunteer
(Children's Ministry)

Description: Assist staff member in the nursery with infants and toddlers during Sunday services and for special services or events.

Expectations: Care for children in nursery. Straighten up nursery after children leave.

Number needed: 1-2 per service or event
Timeframe: 1-3 hours per service or event

Church Property

Church Property Committee

Description: Maintain and improve church buildings and grounds as well as rental properties. Review Facility Use Requests and determine fees if approved.

Expectations: Attend committee meetings, assist with Saturday workdays, and handle special property assignments as required.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: 2 hours per month

(Church Property)

Description: Assist in building items such as storage shelving, and making repairs to existing wooden items.

Expectations: Church will furnish materials – volunteer will provide labor to assist in working on suggested projects.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Variable

Church Work Days
(Church Property)

Description: Assist in completion of established goals for particular work day. There are usually two or three workdays per year.

Expectations: Whatever a person feels he/she can help with.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: 3-4 hours per work day

(Church Property)

Description: There is tremendous need in this area with dozens of small projects to fit anyone's time or talent.

Expectations: Provide labor for as many small projects as possible.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Variable

(Church Property)

Description: Paint interior rooms in sanctuary and Education Building and interior of rental units.

Expectations: Church will furnish materials. Volunteer will provide labor to assist in working on suggested projects.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Variable

Wednesday Morning Work Group
(Church Property)

Description: Assist with monthly work days, performing tasks suited to individual talents.

Expectations: Church will furnish materials. Volunteer will provide labor for as many small projects as possible.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: 2-3 hours per month

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Close Knitters: Prayer Shawl Ministry

Description: Knit or crochet prayer shawls and other items primarily for local distribution by the pastors. Baby items will go to IMA World Health. Yarn donations are also appreciated.

Expectations: Knit or crochet as many items as possible.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Knit at home or join the group on occasional Thursday mornings at Holy Trinity

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Columbarium Committee

Description: Manage the sale of columbarium space and assign niches; maintain accurate, permanent records; notify representative(s) of the deceased of any relocation plans; and report at least annually to the Congregation Council.

Expectations: Six members appointed by the Executive Committee of the Congregation Council with terms of three years, staggered so that terms of one-third of the members shall expire each year.

Number needed: 2 per year
Timeframe: Three-year appointment

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Disaster Response

Disaster Response Team

Description: The Disaster Response Team’s (DRT) goals are to educate the congregation in the preparation for and recovery from disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes; prepare a list of people in the congregation with special needs; develop a list of equipment and people available to assist in disaster response; provide training to the team; develop educational materials and distribute to the congregation on a routine basis.

Expectations: Attend meetings, provide support to the congregation, be available to provide recovery support either physically or managerially after a disaster, attend training sessions as needed

Number needed: 10-12

Timeframe: 8-10 meetings per year, two training sessions, occasionally distribute materials on Sunday

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Endowment Committee

Description: The committee makes decisions on how money shall be invested and dispersed for the four Holy Trinity endowment funds, i.e., the Holy Trinity Endowment Fund, the Townsend Endowment Fund, the Lohr Music Fund and the LCM Endowment Fund.

Expectations: The committee members serve staggered terms so that one member rotates off each year.

Number needed: 4-5
Timeframe: Three-year appointment

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Eucharistic Ministry

Description: Provide monthly communion to homebound members.

Expectations: Attend three training sessions prior to serving and commit to serve in this ministry for a two-year period.

Number needed: 15
Timeframe: Second Sunday of each month

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Faith Formation

Faith Formation Committee (formerly Christian Education Committee)

Description: Plan, coordinate, evaluate, and promote the overall Christian education programs of the church. Holy Trinity encourages the use of teaching materials that are in accord with the doctrine of the ELCA in educational programs and family devotions. Other aims are to bring the call to the ministry and other full-time vocations to the attention of qualified youth of the congregation.

Expectations: Attend meetings; participate in committee projects.

Number needed: 10-12
Timeframe: Monthly meetings

Adult Faith Formation Teacher
(Faith Formation)

Description: Provide a stimulating environment for the highest quality Christian education program that can be offered at Holy Trinity.

Expectations: Each participant is expected to work with team teachers (when applicable) to plan and teach the lesson. All teachers of adult classes are to be sure of their rotation in the schedule and to secure a substitute when needed.

Number needed: Approximately 8
Timeframe: Variable

Arndt Library Committee
(Faith Formation)

Description: The goal of this committee is to provide an exciting resource and inspirational library that meets the needs of this parish. The library is open most Sundays with a library assistant to help HTELC members locate items or to show them the newest materials. It is also open during the week.

Expectations: Members process books, catalogue books using the Library Software System, shelve books and audiovisuals, repair and mend books, and prepare overdue notices and promote the use of the library.

Number needed: 3-5
Timeframe: Varies depending on the task

Children’s Library Assistant
(Faith Formation)

Description: To maintain an orderly library.

Expectations: Replace books on shelves, monitor books that are overdue and maintain card catalog, help teaching staff with materials, process new books as they become available.

Number needed: 2
Timeframe: Once a week between services

Faith Formation Teacher – Children/Youth
(Faith Formation)

Description: Provide a stimulating environment for the highest quality Christian education program that can be offered at Holy Trinity for children age 2 through grade 12.

Expectations: Each participant is expected to work with team teachers (when applicable) to plan the appropriate lesson, secure supplies from our Faith Formation office, and return unused items to the Faith Formation office.

Number needed: 12-15
Timeframe: Variable

Lead a Bible Study
(Faith Formation)

Description: Bible study classes are held during Sunday mornings, evening study groups, and/or a breakfast study group.

Expectations: Prepare, teach, and lead youth or adults in a Bible study class.

Number needed: 5-6
Timeframe: Once a week/length of study

Lutheridge Summer Day Camp
(Faith Formation)

Description: Holy Trinity hosts week-long day camps during the summer. Led by counselors from Lutheridge, these camps provide opportunities for children in grades K-5 to participate in bible study, crafts, singing, service projects, and field trips.

Expectations: Volunteers are needed for various roles including donating funds for camper scholarships and camp supplies, hosting counselors at their homes, providing meals or money for meals for counselors, serving snacks during the camp, serving as drivers for field trips and assisting with early care or aftercare.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Two weeks of camp per summer, but many volunteer roles are a one-time commitment.

Substitute Faith Formation Teacher – Children/Youth
(Faith Formation)

Description: Offers a new face and viewpoint in any class.

Expectations: Duties would be the same as Faith Formationl teacher but only for the given date the substitute is needed.

Number needed: As many as possible
Timeframe: During Faith Formation hour

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Finance Committee

Description: Monitor financial condition of congregation, provide guidance for structure and review of financial reports, review insurance coverage, assist other committees or Congregation Council in locating funds for special expenditures, prepare an annual budget, and supervise annual review.

Expectations: Be involved in the above activities and especially involved in budget preparation.

Number needed: 8-10
Timeframe: Meet 6-8 times per year

Count Weekly Offerings

Description: Once a month, count Sunday offerings, designate funds to their respective ministries, and make deposits to the bank.

Expectations: A team of two people counts the Sunday offering on Monday morning. The counters’ schedule is prepared quarterly. Must be able to keep confidentiality of members’ financial information.

Number needed: 10-12
Timeframe: 2-3 hours per month

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Global Outreach (formerly Missions)

Global Outreach Committee

Description: The committee embraces the emphasis of serving the global world and the work of the ELCA Global Missions, which is to work and walk together in accompaniment and solidarity with others. It emphasizes the practice of interdependence and mutuality with our companions around the world. The Global Outreach Committee is committed to numerous outreach-related ministries globally and within our state.

The Global Outreach Committee currently supports two missionaries who visit Holy Trinity periodically and share with us their work aboard. It also provides support and accompaniment to two mission churches in North Carolina. Holy Trinity walks in accompaniment with Joy of Discovery located in Southeast Raleigh and Living Waters located in Cherokee, NC.

The committee follows the ELCA guidelines for equal human dignity and rights for all people in the Holy Land through education and advocacy. It supports the ELCA Peace Not Walls mission. It works in conjunction with other faith groups to host events when Rev. Mitri Raheb, pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, visits our area. The committee highlights a different peacemaker quarterly to bring awareness to the many peacemakers in our world and to the valuable work they do.

The committee also coordinates periodic mission trips to countries outside the United States, primarily to Nicaragua. The trips focus on building relationships and walking together with others in solidarity that builds interdependence and mutuality. Currently the LSM students travel to Nicaragua bi-annually with the next trip scheduled for 2018. The committee is considering a possible Global Habitat build in 2017 for the general congregation.

Expectations: Attend bi-monthly meetings. Support our missionaries, our local mission congregations, our mission trips, and grow in awareness and support of issues globally. Explore new ways in which Holy Trinity can serve the world in our global awareness and support for others.

Number needed: 10-12

Timeframe: Bi-monthly meetings

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Hospitality Committee

Description: Maintain calendar of special and seasonal events. Assist with special events, receptions, and various social engagements as requested by Congregation Council and other committees and the pastors. Keep supplies stocked and manage funds for these events.

Expectations: Prepare and serve food, arrange the Fellowship Hall, and clean up the kitchen and Fellowship Hall after the receptions.

Number needed: 15-20
Timeframe: 6-8 times per year

Bereavement Committee

Description: This committee provides congregational receptions following funerals and memorial services or a pre-/post-service meal for the bereaved family. Members of the committee shop for food, set up the reception or family meal, serve the food, and clean up.

Expectations: Provide assistance for a reception or family meal once or twice a year.

Number needed: 25-30
Timeframe: Called upon as needed

Coffee Hour Assistants

Description: Set up or take down coffee and refreshments in the Kees Pavilion between the 8:15 a.m. service and Sunday School. If desired, assistants can also provide light refreshments for the coffee hour.

Expectations: One volunteer group sets up the coffee, hot water pots and coffee supplies each week. Another group is responsible for taking the coffee, used coffee cups, hot water pots and supplies back to the kitchen after the Sunday School Coffee Hour. Pots and coffee cups are washed and put away and supplies are returned to the pantry. Members can serve one Sunday per year or can volunteer more frequently.

Number needed: 15-20
Timeframe: ½ hour on Sunday

Summer Lemonade Assistant

Description: To provide a time of fellowship after the combined 10 a.m. summer service, lemonade and cookies will be served outside the Pavilion.

Expectations: On the assigned Sunday, the volunteer will leave the service after communion, go to the kitchen and load the cart with the lemonade dispenser, a plate of cookies, cups, napkins and a pitcher of ice water. (These items will be left in the kitchen by the program coordinator.) The cart is then wheeled to the patio in front of the Pavilion where the refreshments are served immediately following the worship service. Once the social hour has ended, the volunteer will return the cart and supplies to the kitchen, rinse out the lemonade dispenser and wash the cookie tray.

Number needed: 12-15 volunteers
Timeframe: 45 minutes per Sunday

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Outreach (formerly Evangelism)

Outreach Committee

Description: Plan, implement, coordinate, and promote specific parish ministries designed to reach others for Christ.

Expectations: Participate in periodic meetings; plan and support events as decided by the committee (such as Sunday School classes taught by the committee, talent show, vesper service, outreach dinner, guest speakers, periodic update of pictorial directory, etc.). Arrange publicity in local newspapers regarding worship services.

Number needed: 10
Timeframe: Periodic meetings and events

Annual Congregational Retreat Team

Description: Plan and organize Holy Trinity's annual retreat.

Expectations: Attend meetings where the annual retreat is planned. Help with the tasks of putting on the retreat.

Number needed: 6 - 10
Timeframe: Around 4 - 6 meetings annually

Caring Community Coordinating Team

Description: The Caring Community program geographically organizes groups of Holy Trinity households to foster community and communication among the members of each group and throughout the congregation. The program is overseen by the Caring Community Coordinating Team.

Expectations: Provides opportunities for the Caring Communities to meet at church events such as Advent and Lenten dinners. Upon request, also facilitates additional opportunities for Caring Communities to meet individually. Assigns new or relocated members to the proper Caring Community and provides information on the program.

Number needed: 5-7
Timeframe: Approximately one hour per month

Coffeehouse Team

Description: The Coffeehouse Team plans and coordinates a live music event on the third Friday of each month. In addition to identifying musicians, the team also sets up the Fellowship Hall to resemble a coffeehouse, provides snacks and beverages and cleans up afterwards.

Expectations: The team coordinates on an ongoing basis throughout the month to prepare for the event and then assists as needed on the third Friday.

Number needed: 8-10
Timeframe: 3-4 hours per month

Contact person: Debra Weinel

English Conversation Classes – Child-care provider

Description: Provide child-care during English conversation classes for internationals living in Raleigh. This program, which began meeting at Holy Trinity in 1963, is co-sponsored by Holy Trinity and the NCSU Women's Club. Students meet during the NCSU academic year from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday.

Expectations: Provide child care during the classes.

Number needed: 10
Timeframe: Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 a.m. during the academic year

English Conversation Classes – Instructor

Description: Provide practical instruction and experience in English conversation for internationals living in Raleigh. This program, which began meeting at Holy Trinity in 1963, is co-sponsored by HTELC and the NCSU Woman's Club. Students meet from 9:30-11:30 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday during the NC State school year.

Expectations: Provide English conversation instruction with guidance from the program director.

Number needed: 3-4
Timeframe: Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 a.m. during the academic year

Greeter at 8:15 a.m.
Greeter at 11:00 a.m.

Description: Welcome visitors and members with a friendly reception on entering the church building, creating a feeling of warmth, love, and comfort in God's house.

Expectations: Responsible for welcoming those who enter, giving them a warm greeting, and directing them to the worship service.

Number needed: About 60 greeters per year
Timeframe: Scheduled by the coordinator

Greeter Coordinator

Description: Schedule greeters and provide brief overview of responsibilities to new greeters.

Expectations: Schedule greeters and provide list to church office by Luthertidings deadline.

Number needed: 1
Timeframe: Approximately two hours per month

Hospitality Bread Baker

Description: Bake several small loaves of sweet bread on a periodic basis. These mini loaves are included with the packet left by Hospitality Visitors at the homes of those who visit Holy Trinity for the first time.

Number needed: 5-6 bakers
Timeframe: 5-6 mini loaves 3-4 times per year

Hospitality Visitor

Description: A pair of volunteers will extend a warm welcome to someone who worships at Holy trinity for the first time and briefly share information about the church.

Expectations: Once a quarter, the volunteer pair will deliver a loaf of bread (baked by other church volunteers) and Holy Trinity information to the home of a first-time visitor, preferably that Sunday or Monday. The volunteer will then share information about the visit with the church office.

Number needed: 13 pairs of visitors
Timeframe: 3-4 times per year per visiting team

Inquirers’ Class Coordinator

Description: Works with the pastor to prepare for each session of Inquirers' Class; handles Parish Registration sheets; administers spiritual gifts inventory; and helps to contact and procure shepherds for new members.

Expectations: 3-4 Inquirers’ Class series per year.

Number needed: 1-2
Timeframe: Usually during Sunday School

Photographer / Videographer

Description: Help promote activities of Holy Trinity and aid in recognition of new members as well as current membership.

Expectations: Photograph events of Holy Trinity when requested. Ownership of a digital camera or video camcorder is required.

Number needed: 1-2
Timeframe: Variable

Pregnancy Loss Support Group

Description: Pregnancy Loss Support ministry members are trained to offer one-on-one support to individuals who have lost a child, grandchild, sister or brother during pregnancy, at birth or shortly after birth. A loss of a baby early in the pregnancy often is not talked about despite the grief and loss that accompanies a miscarriage. We want to help others to cope with their loss.

Expectations: Receive training on how to minister to someone dealing with a pregnancy loss. Assist with individual care as needs arise.

Publicity Subcommittee

Description: Oversee the publicizing of events of Holy Trinity through the use of posters, the local news media, and Luthertidings. Make use of Holy Trinity's website.

Expectations: Respond to specific publicity requests and take an active role as a Committee liaison, news media liaison, poster coordinator, photographer, or Luthertidings editor.

Number needed: 2-3
Timeframe: Meetings and activities as needed

Shepherd for New Members

Description: Assist prospective and new members in the transition to church membership and active involvement with congregational life by introducing them to the congregation, answering questions, and/or referring them to proper resources.

Expectations: Make contact with new members when assigned, get acquainted, and act as support throughout their assimilation into membership. At their reception into membership, stand with them during that part of the service.

Number needed: 30, all ages and backgrounds
Timeframe: At least three months

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Peace and Justice Advocacy

Peace and Justice Advocacy Committee

Description: This ministry team coordinates with other churches and advocacy groups to plan peace events similar to the 2015 Peace Week & Festival. It is working on Campaign Nonviolence Week that is held in September. The team also provides background information on peace and justice issues to the congregation and identifies ways in which Holy Trinity members can become advocates for social change. The ministry team follows the core mission of Lutheran Peace Fellowship, which is to oppose violence, war, and injustice; and to respond to the gospel call to practice and share the way of Jesus: the biblical vision of Shalom, of justice and active nonviolence.

Expectations: Help to shape and organize peace and justice events and identify advocacy issues at team meetings or during online discussions. Research peace and justice issues and provide information to the congregation via Luthertidings, temple talks, posters, handouts, etc., on ways that members can advocate for change.

Number needed: 10 - 12
Timeframe: Bi-monthly meetings or online discussions that may increase in frequency before major events.

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Reconciling in Christ (RIC)

Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Committee

Description: The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Committee is responsible for supporting the congregation’s intentional welcome to and full inclusion of all persons, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identities. Each year, we work with staff to plan RIC Sunday in January, then turn our attention to HTELC’s booth at the Out! Raleigh festival on the first Saturday in May. We pay attention to how things are going at Holy Trinity in regards to welcome and inclusion, and focus on what needs to be done. We meet from six to ten times a year, depending on what we are working on. New committee members are welcome at any time.

Expectations: Attend monthly meetings and assist with activities and events.

Number needed: At least 6
Timeframe: Monthly meetings and helping with events as needed

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Senior Adults

Senior Adults Committee

Description: Coordinate all ministries among the older members of Holy Trinity, especially the monthly meetings of “Dayspring,” the senior adult fellowship.

Expectations: Attend meetings, usually quarterly, to plan activities.

Number needed: 5-7
Timeframe: Quarterly meetings

Assistance with Dayspring
(Senior Adults)

Description: Assist with serving and cleanup.

Expectations: Sign up to help with one or more of the ten Dayspring meals each year.

Number needed: 2-4
Timeframe: 1 - 2 hours per meal.

Assistance to the Elderly
(Senior Adults)

Description: Our elderly brothers and sisters sometimes need assistance with transportation, simple home maintenance, errands, etc.

Expectations: Variety of activities, which could include providing transportation to Dayspring luncheon, doctor appointments, or other activities; running errands; or assisting with home and yard maintenance.

Number needed: 8-10
Timeframe: Variable

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Sisters in Service

Sisters in Service

Description: Assist with making quilts (machine-sewn, not hand quilted) for distribution through Lutheran World Relief.

Expectations: Attend weekly sewing sessions; cut fabric or sew quilt tops at home.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to noon

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Social Ministry

Social Ministry Committee

Description: The Social Ministry Committee is a focal point for parish outreach to the Wake County area by coordinating Holy Trinity's gifts of money and volunteers to programs that serve and advocate for peace, justice and inclusivity for refugees and asylees, for the homeless and hungry and for those who are displaced by disasters. For details, see the descriptions that follow.

Number needed: 8 or more on committee
Timeframe: Monthly meeting plus volunteers for specific projects
Contact Person: Sandy Paur

Angel Tree
(Social Ministry)

Description: The Angel Tree project provides small Christmas gifts for persons in need, including clients of PLM Families Together and other local social service agencies. Expectations: Contribute and collect small gifts for persons in need. Help is also needed publicizing the project, putting up the tree, and making the deliveries.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: November-December
Contact Person: Kevin Potter

Bread for the World
(Social Ministry)

Description: Bread for the World is a non-partisan, Christian citizens' movement in the United States to end hunger. It is a collective organization of voices who urge our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. By changing policies, programs and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, it provides help and opportunity at home and far beyond where we live.

Expectations: Participate in an annual Offerings of Letters to Congress on legislation that impacts hungry and poor people. Meet with our members of Congress and work with others to end hunger and poverty.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Unlimited
Contact Person: Sue Woodling

Congregations for Social Justice
(Social Ministry)

Description: This organization brings together 56 faith-based organizations and 40 service agencies to advocate for and take action on selected issues for social justice, such as affordable housing, corrections reform and immigration reform.

Expectations: Attend planning meetings and participate in initiatives as they are identified.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Monthly meetings, plus activities
Contact Person: Gary Blank

CROP Walk Volunteer
(Social Ministry)

Description: The CROP Walk increases social awareness and raises funds for local, national and worldwide hunger relief programs.

Expectations: Walk in the event after enlisting sponsors AND/OR donate money to Holy Trinity walkers.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: A Sunday afternoon in late October
Contact Person: Al Riordan

Families Together/Board of Directors
(Social Ministry)

Description: This non-profit agency was formed by six Wake County Lutheran churches to provide safe and temporary housing to families. Its mission is moving Wake County families from homelessness to stable homes through mentoring, housing support and connecting to community resources.

Expectations: Attend two-hour board meeting monthly and serve on one board committee. Term of directors is three years. Represent HTELC on all matters of FT. Actively participate in fundraising efforts.

Number needed: 1, Term 2016 - 2018
Timeframe: Board meetings second Monday of each month
Contact Person: Ann Thomas

Feed the Pack
(Social Ministry)

Description: Feed the Pack, a food pantry on the NCSU campus, was established in 2013 when student leaders became aware that some students were struggling to buy groceries each week while others skimped on meals. The risk of hunger extended to NCSU employees as well. HTELC has made a commitment to provide non-perishable items to the pantry the third Sunday of each month.

Expectations: Bring non-perishable items to the HTELC pavilion on the third Sunday for delivery to the FTP pantry.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Monthly
Contact Person: Deborah Blank

First Baptist Clothing Closet – Donate Used Clothing
(Social Ministry)

Description: Clothing donations may be left in the Holy Trinity Clothing Closet in the Education Building. The clothes are delivered to First Baptist Church for distribution to needy people in our community.

Expectations: Bring items to Holy Trinity Clothing Closet

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: As needed
Contact Person: Sandy Paur

Food Bags for Urban Ministries
(Social Ministry)

Description: Holy Trinity joined twelve other area churches to establish Urban Ministries of Wake County, a non-profit agency that began in 1981with a homeless shelter. It now engages our community to serve and advocate on behalf of those affected by poverty. It provides food and nutrition, promotes health and wellness and lays the foundations of home. We are a strong supporter of this agency through direct budgetary contributions and by supporting Urban Ministries’ food pantry. Every month, Holy Trinity provides non-perishable food basics to support the food pantry that helps 8,000 area families with 400,000 pounds of food each year.

Expectations: Bring a bag of needed items (list is printed in Luthertidings) on the first Sunday of each month. Financial contributions are also accepted for purchase of additional food bags.

Number needed: 20-30 per month
Timeframe: First Sunday of each month
Contact Person: Al Riordan

Habitat for Humanity
(Social Ministry)

Description: Habitat for Humanity of Wake County seeks to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope so that we will have a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Each home is built in partnership with homeowner families, sponsors and volunteers.

Expectations: Work together with the Lutheran Faith Coalition to raise funds and to volunteer as able to build for 12 weeks with future Habitat homeowners.

Number needed: 15-25 total from area Lutheran churches
Timeframe: 12-week build
Contact person: Marc Woodling marcus.woodling@habitatwake.org or Theresa Einecke teinecke@hotmail.com.

Helen Wright Center for Women
(Social Ministry)

Description: Holy Trinity joined twelve other area churches to establish Urban Ministries of Wake County, a non-profit agency that began in 1981with a homeless shelter. It now engages our community to serve and advocate on behalf of those affected by poverty. It provides food and nutrition, promotes health and wellness, and lays the foundations of home. We are a strong supporter of this agency through direct budgetary contributions and by supporting the Helen Wright Center for Women (HWCM). The center works to reduce homelessness by providing transitional food and shelter for up to 500 homeless women annually. In addition to basic needs, HWCW offers special programs for self-esteem and life skills, job readiness, home ownership and health-related issues. This ministry is an outgrowth of the Ark Shelter, which opened to homeless men in 1984. Holy Trinity is committed to provide meals every fifth Friday. Although this ministry is coordinated by the Social Ministry Committee, church members are invited to participate.

Expectations: Cook, deliver and serve meals to some 40 women the fifth Friday of the month.

Number needed: For each event, 4 to 5 people
Timeframe: Perhaps once a year (HTELC cooks on average five times a year)
Contact Person: Deborah Blank

Lutheran Peace Fellowship
(Social Ministry)

Description: The mission of this organization is to advocate for peace. LPF is a community of Lutherans across the U.S. and around the globe, responding to the Gospel call to be peacemakers and justice seekers. LPF seeks peace according to the Biblical vision of shalom – peace with justice.

Expectations: Advocate for dignity and justice for all people in response to God’s call to be peacemakers and work for peace and reconciliation among all people. Attend monthly LPF meetings to discuss justice issues. Make use of the valuable resources and expertise found on the LPF website (www.LutheranPeace.org) and become a contributing member.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Monthly meetings, plus activities
Contact Person: Sue Woodling

Meals on Wheels Delivery
(Social Ministry)

Description: Meals on Wheels is a non-profit volunteer program that delivers nearly 1,500 hot, nutritious lunches daily to the homes of Wake County citizens.

Expectations: With your partner, deliver in your vehicle an average of 11 meals to the homebound on one of 108 routes in Raleigh and Wake County.

Number needed: 15 teams of two members plus substitutes
Timeframe: Third Monday of each month
Contact Person: Shirley Rieck

Peace Booth Staffing
(Social Ministry)

Description: Along with other area churches, Holy Trinity staffs a booth one day at the North Carolina State Fair to make fair attendees aware of peace and justice issues and to display church statements on peace and justice.

Expectations: Three morning shifts of two-hour duration

Number needed: 6
Timeframe: Two-hour shift in October
Contact Person: Sue Woodling

Refugee Resettlement
(Social Ministry)

Description: Coordinators and volunteers prepare for the arrival of a family or individual(s) and provide support and resources as indicated below.

Expectations: Help secure housing and furniture and prepare an apartment. Help locate the most convenient English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and arrange for initial medical, insurance, and other required appointments. Assist with initial assimilation, transportation, job searches, day care and schooling. Provide support and friendship, as well as connections to other resources. Note: HTELC is not currently engaged in a refugee resettlement.

Number needed: 10 or more
Timeframe: 6 months or more
Contact Person: Sandy Paur

Stop Hunger Now
(Social Ministry)

Description: Stop Hunger Now is a non-profit agency based in Raleigh that provides food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable people. Its mission is to end global hunger in our lifetime. Established in 1998, they have provided over 180 million meals in 65 countries.

Expectations: Donate to our church fund for Stop Hunger Now and/or participate in an hour-long meal packaging event at church.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Meal packaging sessions are held about once per year.
Contact Person: Al Riordan

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Stewardship Committee

At Holy Trinity, our Stewardship Committee is focused on year-round, thoughtful stewardship. Our committee meets approximately once per month, usually on Tuesday evenings. In addition, we oversee some ongoing aspects of stewardship ministry, including the Volunteer Pledge Page and the Financial Pledge Page on our website.

In addition to encouraging our members to engage in year-round stewardship, as well as educating our members (and ourselves!) in the continual and ever-flowing process of stewardship, we organize and implement an annual “Commitment Sunday.” In the months leading up to Commitment Sunday, we contact members of the parish, distribute giving forms and pledge packets, encourage and track volunteer/service opportunities, and speak to the congregation about the importance of stewardship. All members of our congregation become involved in the process (even our small children have a part to play on Commitment Sunday)!

Jesus calls us to remember that every person has a gift, and we are the committee that encourages our members to unleash those gifts, and “give for God.” If you have any questions about the Stewardship Committee, please contact chairperson Jeremy H. Barefoot at jeremybarefoot@johnston.k12.nc.us or (919) 418-2517.

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Thanksgiving and Memorial Gifts Committee

Description: Identify and publicize thanksgiving & memorial gifts opportunities. Acknowledge all thanksgiving and memorial gifts to donors, person honored, or family member of person memorialized. Maintain record of gifts and donors.

Expectations: Responsibility for one major portion of the committee's work.

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Visitation Ministry

Description: Visit elderly and homebound members regularly.

Expectations: Schedule times and make visits.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Approximately once per month

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Women of the ELCA

Description: Women of the ELCA functions as an “organized vehicle” for Lutheran women to use their unique talents to serve God through many hands-on service projects and to grow spiritually as an individual and a community of women. These projects include services to Holy Trinity as well as the local and worldwide community.

Expectations: The organization is divided into several smaller groups, or circles, meeting once a month at afternoon or evening times for Bible study and the planning of service projects. To be a part of the program, you would need to attend the monthly meeting of a particular small group. Members could also serve on the Executive Board.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Monthly meetings

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Worship & Music

Worship & Music Committee

Description: Responsible for proper conduct of worship services and to provide support for the music program, ushers, lectors, communion assistants, and other services. Assure additional services and variety of liturgical practices to continue to give fresh look to worship.

Expectations: Serve on a subcommittee in the area of worship, music, or support group (assisting ministers, lectors, ushers, Order of St. John).

Number needed: 12-14
Timeframe: Monthly committee meetings

Accompanists (piano, guitar, flute, violin, bass, drums, etc.)
(Worship and Music)

Description: Provide musical accompaniment for regular and special worship services or events.

Expectations: Learn the necessary service music to accompany liturgy or be able to offer individual pieces as offertory solos. Periodic opportunities are available for those who cannot make extended commitments to regular service accompaniment. Instrumentalists participate weekly in the early (contemporary) Sunday service and as needed in the late (traditional) Sunday service.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Regular and special services

Acolyte at 8:15 a.m. (grade 4 – adult)
Acolyte at 11:00 a.m (grade 4 – adult)
(Worship and Music)

Description: Lights the altar candles before the service starts.

Expectations: Responsible for lighting the candles before the service (during the prelude) and extinguishing them, and passing out offering plates to ushers and collecting them.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: At least once a year

Altar Guild Monthly Coordinator
(Worship and Music)

Description: Ensures that volunteers prepare the altar for communion on Sundays and for special services.

Expectations: Schedule sufficient volunteers to cover all services during the assigned month. Contact the Altar Guild Chairperson if communion supplies are needed.

Number needed: 12
Timeframe: One month a year

Altar Guild Volunteer
(Worship and Music)

Description: Prepare the altar for Sunday communion and special services.

Expectations: Set up early service communion supplies, clean up and reset supplies for second service communion and/or clean up after second service for one or more Sundays during the month. Alert the monthly coordinator of any supply needs.

Number needed: 6 each month, 72 annually
Timeframe: One month a year

Assisting Minister at 8:15 a.m.
Assisting Minister at 11:00 a.m.
(Worship and Music)

Description: Works with and assists the pastor(s) in leading worship.

Expectations: A person who is comfortable singing solo, both accompanied and unaccompanied, as well as reading Scripture and prayers. Each participant is expected to learn the assisting minister's parts of various services used, be comfortable using a wireless microphone, help in leading congregational singing, and assist as needed during communion. The assistant will prepare for his/her Sunday by becoming as familiar with the variable parts, such as Psalms and Gospel verses for the specific day, as with the recurring parts.

Number needed: Four for each service during any given year for a two-year term
Timeframe: 2 new assisting ministers each year. Each assistant is assigned the same Sunday each month (first, second, etc., and the fifth Sunday in his/her quarter). Each assistant is responsible for trading with or finding his/her own substitute if unable to serve on his/her assigned Sunday. Former assisting ministers often serve as substitutes.

Chancel Choir
(Worship and Music)

Description: Provide vocal leadership during congregational hymn singing and offer special music through appropriate anthems. Provide an atmosphere that is mutually stimulating for choir members at both rehearsals and services.

Expectations: Attend rehearsal each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and attend a rehearsal before worship service at 10:15 a.m. on Sundays. Be available for special services and festivals.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Weekly (except summer break)

Children’s Choir (kindergarten – grade 5)
(Worship and Music)

Description: Singing in a choir enables children to explore and develop their musical interests, to learn about the role of choral music in worship, and to enjoy singing praises.

Expectations: Practice and performance schedules are to be determined.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Specific rehearsal times for special services, usually Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

Communion Assistant at 8:15 a.m.
Communion Assistant at 11:00 a.m.
(Worship and Music)

Description: To assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at Sunday services, Advent services, Lenten services, and other special services.

Expectations: Distribute the wine during communion.

Number needed: 2 per service
Timeframe: Sunday morning weekly services, special services, substitutes

Coordinator – Order of St. John
(Worship and Music)

Description: Coordinate this organization for acolytes (both services) and crucifers.

Expectations: Recruit acolytes and crucifers; set up schedule for year; arrange for training; and generally oversee the program.

Number needed: 1
Timeframe: Weekly 15-30 minutes

Crucifer – 11:00 a.m.
(Worship and Music)

Description: Lead the congregation into worship by carrying the cross.

Expectations: A crucifier's main job is to lead the worship service by carrying the cross to and from the altar, but he/she also helps the pastors during the service when needed.

Number needed: As many as possible
Timeframe: At least once a year

Eucharistic Bread Baker
(Worship and Music)

Description: Bake bread (round loaves) for Sunday morning Eucharists; serve on a monthly rotation. The communion breads are usually frozen and available for the Altar Guild in the sacristy freezer.

Expectations: There will usually be 6-7 loaves needed per month.

Number needed: 3-5
Timeframe: Breads needed the week before the first Sunday of the month

Lector at 8:15 a.m.
Lector at 11:00 a.m.
(Worship and Music)

Description: Read the first and second lessons appointed for any given worship service.

Expectations: Each person receives the lessons for worship several days before the service to ensure adequate time for each lector to prepare for the readings.

Number needed: 1 for each service
Timeframe: At least once a year

Prelude/Offertory Vocalist or Instrumentalist
(Worship and Music)

Description: Provide special music during the prelude or offertory as a soloist or as part of a small ensemble.

Expectations: In conjunction with the Director of Music, select an appropriate piece of music to present during the prelude or offertory.

Number needed: Unlimited
Timeframe: Regular and special services

Sound System Operator at 8:15 a.m.
Sound System Operator at 11:00 a.m.
(Worship and Music)

Description: Responsible for adjusting the volume levels of the various microphones used during the worship service.

Expectations: The operator sits in the balcony, next to the controls, and adjusts the levels as needed throughout the service. The operator is also responsible for replacing batteries in the wireless microphones worn by the pastors and assisting minister and setting up microphones for special occasions. The operator for the 11:00 a.m. service records the service for shut-ins each Sunday. Operators are also needed to record special services such as funerals. Training is provided, and substitutes are available if the operator cannot be present on a given Sunday.

Number needed: 6-12
Timeframe: 6-8 times per year

Trinity Ringers
(Worship and Music)

Description: Provide a hand bell choir for the enhancement of worship services and give those interested in this area of music an opportunity to make a contribution of time and talent to their church.

Expectations: Regularly attend rehearsal each week and play with the choir at worship services at the direction of the Director of Music. A basic knowledge of reading music is helpful.

Number needed: 10-14 ringers
Timeframe: Weekly rehearsal and monthly service

Ushers at 8:15 a.m.
Ushers at 11:00 a.m.
(Worship and Music)

Description: An important part of the welcome process to the worship service, ushers are responsible for the hospitable seating of worshipers and helping set the mood for a reverent attitude of worship.

Expectations: Locate available seating for worshipers, distribute bulletins, receive the offering, and direct the congregation to the altar during communion.

Number needed: Varies
Timeframe: According to the number of volunteers

Usher Coordinator – 8:15 a.m.
(Worship and Music)

Description: Recruit a head usher for each month and provide training. Work closely with the 11:00 a.m. usher coordinator to provide ushers for special services and provide training as necessary.

Expectations: Insure that the head-usher position is staffed each Sunday of the month.

Number needed: 1
Timeframe: One-year commitment

Usher Coordinator – 11:00 a.m.
(Worship and Music)

Description: Recruit a head usher and at least two assisting ushers for each month and provide training. Work closely with the 8:15 a.m. usher coordinator to provide ushers for special services and provide training as necessary.

Expectations: Insure that all three usher positions are staffed for each Sunday of the month.

Number needed: 1
Timeframe: One-year commitment

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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Committee

Description: Work with the Director of Faith Formation for Children, Youth, and Their Families and youth leaders to develop and implement youth ministry activities for junior and senior high youth. Schedule families to cook for the youth on Sunday evenings.

Expectations: Attend quarterly committee meetings; participate in activities as needed.

Number needed: 4-5
Timeframe: Quarterly meetings and activities

Youth Advisor
(Youth Ministry)

Description: Provide leadership to give meaning and direction of youth education and social programs.

Expectation: Participate in the planning and implementation of the Sunday evening youth meetings; volunteer to chaperone one or more summer activities; volunteer to be a driver for youth activities.

Number needed: 4 adults
Timeframe: Sunday and/or Friday evenings and special events

Youth Group Chaperone
(Youth Ministry)

Description: Participate in Sunday evening and other activities led by the Director of Faith Formation for Children, Youth, and Their Families or the youth leaders.

Expectation: Provide additional oversight and supervision of youth-group activities.

Number needed: 6 adults to rotate responsibilities
Timeframe: Sunday evenings and special events

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