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Holy Trinity has two libraries. The G. Dewey Arndt Memorial Library was established in the late 1970s to supplement the education programs of the church and to provide more reference materials on the Bible, doctrine, Christian ethics, and more. Granny Mac's Porch Children's Library was established in the mid-1980s for the children of the congregation.

The Arndt Library is named for G. Dewey Arndt, who belonged to Holy Trinity for nearly 50 years, including decades as a member of the church council and 20 years as Treasurer. He led the drive to raise money to build the church's Education Building in the 1950s. Granny Mac's Porch is named for Ina MacMillan, who loved company at her home on St. Mary's Street and would tell stories to all who visited her, often on her front porch. The library is decorated with seashells because she kept several seashells on the railing of her porch. At her death, her family gave a memorial gift to establish a library for children. The purposes of our libraries are:

  • to provide religious materials consistent with the mission of the congregation;
  • to provide a ministry to strengthen our Christian education program;
  • to promote spiritual development of individuals, families, and church groups;
  • to promote a better understanding of our Christian and Lutheran heritage; and
  • to encourage all members to grow in Christian faith and daily living.

A 2001 survey asked members of Holy Trinity to indicate how important various education opportunities were for growing in faith. Sunday school rated first with the libraries as a close second.

Since the establishment of the libraries, both the number of books and types of media offered in the libraries has grown. Both libraries have computers which greatly help in accurately and quickly processing materials. The two libraries sponsor such events as book displays, story times, book fair sales, and the Advent open house, during which church members display their nativity scenes.

Funds for the purchase of books, materials, and supplies needed for the libraries are included in the annual budget of the congregation. Memorial gifts of money for the purchase of books are welcome. Donations of books will be accepted with the understanding that only those approved by the pastor or the minister of education (for the Arndt Library) or by the pastor, minister of education, or church librarian (for the Children's Library) will be added to the collection.

Materials will be selected that support the mission of the libraries. An appropriate book plate will be placed in the memorial or gift books. Both libraries are open Sunday mornings and by appointment. The Arndt Library is open for the mid-week Lenten and Advent meals and services.

Using the G. Dewey Arndt Memorial Library

Any member of the congregation may use the library. The following rules will be in effect for the circulation of library materials:
  • Reference books (designated by the letter "R" preceding the classification number) should be used in the library. In an emergency a reference book may be borrowed overnight with a note left in the circulation tray.
  • Other materials may be borrowed for three weeks for home use. Date the book card with date borrowed (not the due date), sign it legibly and file the card in the circulation tray alphabetically by author.
  • When returning the book leave the book on the library desk in the basket. We will place the card back in the book and shelve it.
  • The library may be used for church meetings by reserving the room with the office manager.

Using Granny Mac's Porch Children's Library

To check out books:
  • Find your books. If you need help, use the card catalog.
  • Please check out only three books at a time so there will be books for other children, too.
  • Turn to the back of the book and find the check-out card.
  • Write your name (first and last) on the next available line. We ask that only Holy Trinity members check out items.
  • The date due needs to be written in two places:
    • On the checkout card
    • On a date due slip (found in the basket on the desk).
  • Books are due back in two weeks. Use the chalkboard calendar to count ahead two weeks.
  • Put the checkout card in the basket on the desk.
  • Put the date due slip in the pocket at the back of the book as a reminder of when you should bring the book back.
  • If you lose a book you will be asked to pay for its replacement.
  • Enjoy your books, but remember to take good care of them so that others can enjoy them, too.
To check out videos, records and audio tapes:
  • Follow the same basic checkout guidelines above, except only two videos per person, please.
Returning Items:
  • Please put all materials in the return basket on the floor in front of the desk. Our librarians will put the cards back in and return items to their proper place on the shelves.
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