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Worship Nursery
Sunday Worship at 11 AM
Wednesday Morning Worship

Children of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to attend worship services.

A staffed nursery is provided during both Sunday worship services for children up to four years old. Ushers are available before and during worship to provide directions to The Emma Mehlich Nursery. If they would like, children can be escorted to the nursery by our nursery volunteers immediately following the Children's Message portion of our Sunday worship services.

Nursery assistant with child


The church provides a nursery for infants and children aged three weeks up to four years for all church services. The nursery will open at 8:00 a.m. Sunday mornings, 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the early worship service, and will close promptly 15 minutes after the late service ends, usually no later than 12:30 p.m. Age-appropriate toys and a shelf full of Christian and secular children’s literature are available for the use of all kids at the nursery.


The safety and well-being of the children are ensured by the friendly, careful, experienced, and criminal-background-checked nursery staff. The ratio of attendants to children is always one attendant for a maximum of five children. Each attendant is trained in cleanliness, children’s safety, and emergency procedures. The nursery is sprayed with anti-bacterial solution at the start of the day to keep the area and toys cleaned. Every visitor to the nursery is strongly advised to wash his or her hands and the hands of their children as soon as they enter the nursery to avoid the spread of germs. Let the attendant know if you do not want commercial-grade sanitizers used for your children.


Each parent will provide diapers and wipes, and any special cream if necessary, for non-potty-trained infants and children. Nursing infants must be fed by their parents. Parents should let the attendant know if a child is being potty-trained, and the attendant will watch the child more closely. Snacks such as Goldfish and animal crackers are provided by the nursery, however parents are welcome to bring their children’s favorite snacks and juice in an easily identifiable container.


First-time visitors should introduce themselves to the attendants. A sign-in sheet is kept on the wall near the door. Please check in by writing your child’s name, age, your name, the place where you will be seated in the sanctuary during service, and cell phone number, in case of emergency. Most importantly, inform the attendant of any dietary restrictions, any allergies, or any other medical conditions that your child has. You are welcome to stay for a while to accommodate your child or stay the whole time, if necessary, if there is enough room (at most, there is room for three parents or guardians). Only the parent(s) or guardian(s) who brought the children to the nursery are allowed to pick them up at the close of the service and sign them out on the attendance sheet.


To prevent the spread of any infections or colds, the nursery reserves the right to refuse admittance to children who are visibly sick, including those who have runny noses or who show evidence of fevers or on-going infections. Attendants who are sick are not allowed to watch children—in case of illness, approved volunteers cover the nursery. If a child gets suddenly sick while at the nursery, parents will be immediately notified, and the child must be picked up immediately.

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